Happy Easter!

We finally hit the 60 degree mark!  How many of you have broken out your grills?

Easter:  Order your Double Smoked Ham at 526-3112.  How to cook your Holmen Locker Double Smoked Ham:  This is the easiest recipe we have found!  Put your ham in a baking dish.  Poor a can of 7-Up or Sprite over the top and cover with tinfoil.  Cook your ham at 325 degrees 10 minutes per pound.  So, if you have a 5 pound ham, cook it at 325 for 50 minutes.

MEAL CLUB MEMBER SPECIAL: It’s Double Stamp Day each Monday and Tuesday April 7th-29th.  You must make a qualifying purchase and have your card with you.)  Are you collecting to many cards or do you always forget to bring it with you?  Would you like us to keep your card for you?  Please let us know the next time you’re in!

The Spring Bundle is available!  5 lbs Drummies, 8 one pound packages Ground Beef, 6 Tendercut Steaks, 2 Racks of Baby Back Ribs, 12 Brats, 2 Whole Chickens, 4 Thick Cut Pork Chops for $160.  Call 526-3112 to order.

WINE PAIRING:  Sagelands Riesling from Washington pairs perfectly with our Double Smoked Ham!

WING SAUCE:  Some of you have asked about our wing sauce.  We have tried Sweet Honey Orange and Sweet Molasses.  The Sweet Honey Orange was good and not really orangy.  The Sweet Molasses was excellent on wings!

NEW PRODUCTS: Insomnia is a white wine blend from California. This unusual blend’s alluring kaleidoscope of bright flavors dance on the palate … lingering well into the back palate. Enjoy with food. Enjoy alone.

Wiedemann’s Special Lager A refreshing Bohemian-style lager, brewed with a proprietary blend of malted barley and aromatic hops.  Check out their website for food pairings.

We have two new beers from the Pecatonica Beer Company, located in Wisconsin: Nightfall Lager has a flavorful balance that starts with dark chocolate, a caramel center and finishes with coffee notes. Alphorn Ale is equally balanced malt to hop flavor will make you want to yodel.

Drafty Window Farmhouse Ale from the Hopothesis Beer Company.  With a focus on locally grown ingredients from the Midwest, this golden ale is complex, spicy and quaffable.

Have you tried Demon Pig BBQ Sauce?  We have 7 flavors to choose from:  Mandarin Teriyaki, Smokin’ Maple Bacon & Ale, Canadian Maple Dijon, Lemon Peppery Garlic, Smokey Habenero Chipotle, Kentucky Bourbon and Sizzlin’ Chile.  Let us know your favorite!

MEAT PRICES:  You have probably noticed meat prizes are on the rise.  We try to keep our prices as low as possible but have margins we have to meet.  As soon as the market price goes down, so will our prices.  We’re hoping to see relief soon.

*Are you looking for a less expensive alternative to ground beef  Try Holmen Locker Seasoned Ground Pork, Italian Sausage or Cherizzo in your spaghetti, lasagna or on your pizza.


Thank you for your business!


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