Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It might be hard to believe but nicer weather is getting closer!  I can’t wait to start grilling again!  We’ve broken out the broiling pan for our steaks and pork chops!  For a little tropical flavor, try our Hawaiian beers made with real Kona Coffee or our fruit flavored Moscato’s in peach, mango, strawberry or raspberry.

Keep reading for our March Special, New Products, Pairings, Wine Bar Dates and an extra special offer for our Meal Club Members.  (Not a member? Simply sign up while you’re in the store.)

St. Patrick’sDay:  We will have Homemade Corned Beef available around March 14th.  We also have several varieties of beer to go with it!

MEAL CLUB MEMBER SPECIAL: It’s Double Stamp Day the first two Mondays and Tuesdays of March.  (March 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th. You must make a qualifying purchase and have your card with you.)  Are you collecting to many cards or do you always forget to bring it with you?  Would you like us to keep your card for you?  Please let us know the next time you’re in!

March Meat Special: Tendercut Steaks only $8.29/lb.   Tendercut Steaks are taken from the front shoulder, off the chuck and is called terres major.  It is the 6th most tender steak on a beef.  In our opinion, it’s not as tender as a tenderloin steak but it has as much flavor as a tenderloin.  It is great marinated or just seasoned.    Have us marinate it for you!

Speaking of marinades, which one is your favorite?  We carry Excalibur Marinades in Sundried Tomato, Lemon Garlic, Authentic Steak House, Mandarin Teriyaki, Pa’s Black Bull BBQ and Fajita.  We will have new flavors this Spring.

The Winter Bundle: 2 Beef Roasts, 2 Pork Roasts, 2 Whole Chickens, 4 Ring Bologna, 5 lbs Chicken Drummies, 5 lbs Ground Beef and 3 lbs Top Sirloin Steak for $150.

*Watch in April for the Spring Bundle.

FUNDRAISERS:  The Holmen Locker is ready to help you with your fundraising needs. Contact Tom at (608) 317-0371 for more information.

WINE PAIRING:  The Seducer, a California 2012 Red Rendezvous pairs perfectly with our Tendercut steaks!

NEW PRODUCTS: Conundrum a California White Wine Conundrum White offers a wonderfully robust, floral and bright tropical taste.  Who couldn’t use a bit of the tropics this winter?!

WINE BAR DATES: It’s time for another Cabin Fever Reliever! Come in March 28th from 6-7pm for beer tasting. Please continue to watch Facebook for more upcoming dates.

Essential Oils: Are you interested in learning how to use Essential Oils for health?  We are considering holding an informational class on Saturday mornings for one hour, depending on interest.  This class would be free of charge. Please call Lauri at 526-3112 and let her know if you are interested.  We would like to plan a date in April.

Think Spring!


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