Happy September!

Happy September!  In this issue find out the results of our first Rate That Wine Tasting Event,  meat specials, new products and events.

September Meat Special #1:  Stock up with our 50 Pounds of Ground Beef special!  90% Lean is $4.69/lb and 85% Lean is $4.49/lb.  Please call (608) 526-3112 to order. 

Closeout Alert:  Have you been upstairs? We’re closing out on or teas!  Stock up before we sell out!


  • Great American Pancake Company pancake mix: These pancake mixes are made in Cashton, WI. This mix is handmade from scratch in very small batches to ensure consistent quality and taste. We even carry a gluten free variety! Just add egg, oil and water.
  • Sexy Popcorn: This is described as popcorn with an edge!  Robert Ehrlich founded SexyPop In 2013. Ehrlich had already created several of the most iconic snack brands of the past generation-including many of your favorite chips, puffs and other much-loved booty – and wanted to launch a new global snack food focused on innovation and nutrition. His goals were simple: Be smart. Be thoughtful. Be generous. And above all else, make a product that was delicious, healthy and a whole lot of fun.  Let us know what you think!
  • Look for FRESH VEGGIES coming this Fall!
  • Not all of these are new but we wanted to make sure you are aware of our Meat Bundles!  Please call 608-526-3112 for pricing information.

Rate That Wine Tasting Results from August:

Coppo Moscato d’Asti: Sweet, Bubbly and Tasty.

Tess Red Blend: This Napa Valley blend is recommended to be served cold.  Our tasters decided it was better served room temperature.

Surf & Swim Chardonnay: This wine was inspired by California Beach Culture.  Our tasters rated it as light with a citrusy finish.  This is a great summer wine!


  • Rate That Wine Event: September 11th from 5:30-6pm.  This is a free event!  We will be tasting and rating various wines each month.  The following month, we will post the results.  We will continue hosting this event the second Friday of each month.
  • The Wine Bar will be open 4-7 through September

Please continue to watch Facebook for upcoming events and specials!   

ATTENTION MEAL CLUB MEMBERS:  Congratulations to everyone who has filled their card!  We appreciate your business!! 

Have you become a MEAL CLUB MEMBER yet?  Simply ask for a card the next time your in.   Congrats to all Meal Club members who have earned Free gifts by presenting their Meal Club Card for a stamp with each purchase to earn lots of FREE gifts!   

  As a Meal Club Member, you get extra specials each day. Check the back of your card for reminders. Here are the current daily specials…

Marinade Monday - Free Marinade with a  Meat Purchase 

Tendercut Tuesday - 10% Off Tendercut Steaks

Wine Wednesday - 10% Off all Wines  

“Invest In Local” Thursday - 10% Off Fresh Cut Meat 

Smokehouse Friday - 10% Off all Smokehouse Items   

 Tell A Friend to get your FREE gift! We appreciate having you as a customer and want to “Thank You” for your business.


Thank you for your business!  We hope you have a safe and fun Labor Day!




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