Happy October!

Can you believe Fall is already here and Halloween is quickly approaching?

OCTOBER MEAT SPECIAL: The FALL MEAT BUNDLE for $150 includes: 2 Beef Roasts, 2 Pork Roasts, 4 Pounds Ground Beef, 5 Pounds Pork Sausage, 3 Pounds Bacon, 4 Ring Bologna, 1 Pound Beef Tips and 6 Pounds of Country Style Ribs.  Call (608) 526-3112 to order.

Halloween Party Ideas:  What are you serving at your Halloween party? Try this easy idea: Frozen Cookie dough from the Holmen Locker.  Bake and decorate into eyeballs, monsters, spiders or whatever other creepy crawly character you think of.  Make these ahead or let your kids have fun making them during the party.

Adults can celebrate with  Day of the  Dead Pale Ale brewed by Cerveceria Mexicana in Mexico.  This Ale is amber color with medium body, pleasant floral aroma with a distinctive bitterness and great character…the bottles are pretty cool too!

Holmen Locker Beef Sticks and Jerky are a great appetizer for kids of all sizes!  You can even get creative and make them into Halloween creatures!

WINE PAIRING:  Holmen Locker Brats go great with Affentaler Valley of The Monkey Riesling.  This sweet Riesling has a fruity and fresh aroma with a crisp, stimulating taste balanced against elegant sweetness.  The bottle also makes a great conversation piece!

QUICK MEAL IDEAS:  Need a quick meal between activities or for the unexpected Holiday guest?  We have several flavors of frozen soup: Chicken Wild Rice, Wisconsin Cheddar, Chili with Beans, Chicken Noodle and Pulled Pork Soup.  Not in the mood for soup, try the Mac-n-cheese with jalepenos.  For a quick dessert, try one of our varieties of frozen cookie dough.

NEW PRODUCTS:  Give your meat a new flavor with one of our 5 new flavors of BUTT RUB: Kansas City Bold & Spicy, Texas, Caribbean, Buttery Garlic and Sweet & Sassy Apple.  NEW WINE: San Huberto from Argentina and Valley of the Monkey Riesling from Germany.

Our Wine Bar: Please continue to watch Facebook for the official opening announcement.

WINE TASTING:  Mark your calendars for Friday, November 15th, 6-8 PM for our Holiday Wine Tasting.  Please RSVP by calling 526-3112 by November 12th.

Thank you for your business!


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