Happy October!

Happy October!  In this issue find out the results of our second Rate That Wine Tasting Event,  two meat specials, new products and events.
October Meat Specials:  #1: Whole Ribeye Loins and New York Strip Loins are just $7.99/lb!   #2: 5 Pounds of Chicken Wings for $19!  Please call (608) 526-3112 to order

Boneshaker Zinfandel:  This limited production Zinfandel is absolutely ZINCREDIBLE! Loaded with deep black and red plum flavors, with notes of sweet cocoa and raspberries; full-bodied and quite intense on the finish.  The label design is a fun addition to any Halloween party!

  • Not all of these are new but we wanted to make sure you are aware of our Meat Bundles!  Please call 608-526-3112 for pricing information.




Rate That Wine Tasting Results from September:  We were able to taste test a few wines we don’t normally carry.  Thank you for helping us decide which ones to bring in!

Sweet Baby White: Sweet and Tasty. We though this would be a great wine for New Year’s Eve!  We’re hoping to have this in by Thanksgiving.
Sweet Baby Red: This is refreshing and full flavor like a dense red velvet cake.  Handpicked moscato grapes from the hillside of Italy are used.
CS Red blend: This was the favorite of the night!  We’re hoping to have it in January.
  • Rate That Wine Event: October 9th from 6-7pm.  This is a free event!  We will be tasting and rating various wines each month.  The following month, we will post the results.  We will continue hosting this event the second Friday of each month.
  • The Wine Bar will be open 4-7 through October.

Please continue to watch Facebook for upcoming events and specials!

Thank you for your business!


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