Happy August!

Happy National Sandwich Month!  Did you know we have made to order sandwiches?  You can order while you’re in our store or call ahead and we’ll have them ready for you! August 17th-19th also marks Kornfest here in Holmen.  If you plan on attending, we hope you have a great time!

Please keep reading for our Steak of the Month Special, Monthly Meat Specials and our featured Meat Bundle!


New York Strip Steak is $11.99/lb.  If  purchasing 10 or more steaks, please call ahead.  (608) 526-3112


Whole Beef Tenderloins are just $8.99/lb.  Each tenderloin averages between 4-5 pounds.

Whole Pork Loins are on sale for just $3.99/lb.  Each pork loin averages 1 pound.

Kornfest Brats are on sale for $3.79/lb.



4# Top Sirloin

8# 85% Lean Ground Beef

6 Polish Sausage

5# Chicken Filet

6 Thick Cut Pork Chops

48 Locker Dogs

30 Brats


We have several other Meat Bundles available! Click here to see more! 

Have questions or would like to place an order, please call us at (608) 526-3112.



Have you tried Wisco Pop yet? It is certified organic and made close by in Viroqua.  While it tastes wonderful on it’s own, Wisco Pop also shares cocktail recipes on their website.

Have you been in lately? We’ve rearranged the store!  We have more inside seating available to eat your favorite ice cream cone, deli sandwich or enjoy one of our flavored waters or soda pop.


Thank you for your business!





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