Happy April!!

APRIL SALESummer Grilling Bundle - Now $150 through the end of April!! (Retail Value – $165)
Includes (10) 8 oz. Top Sirloins, (8) 1 lb. Ground Beef, 5 lbs. Chicken Breast, 6 Thick Cut Port Chops, 48 Hot Dogs & 30 Brats

Pair your bundle with a nice PICCOLO TESORO SPARKLING MOSCATO ROSÉ FOR SUMMER! This is a sweet wine that is a great addition to a late-summer evening BBQ.  At a great price, this wine has a delicate bouquet and persistent bubbles, with a velvety smooth finish  that makes it a great match for fruit and desserts.


This month, in response to several questions and concerns about “Pink Slime”, I wanted to take a moment to explain what it is and how it affects you, the consumer. Pink Slime or lean finely textured beef (LFTB) which is how it is normally referred to within the industry is not a new product or process. Basically, to avoid waste, larger processors take the leftover trim from the beef, which is generally 2:1 fat to muscle, and separate the two. The muscle or lean protein can then be used in ground beef and other formed products like beef hot dogs. Some processors use a puff of ammonia to produce the LFTB to reduce the chance for bacterial contamination and this practice has also been reviewed as safe.

The real question becomes, do YOU really approve of this process and, now that you know about it, do you really want to eat beef slime that’s been treated with anything?

Here are some of your questions -

How do you create the ground beef you sell in the frozen 1 lb and bigger bags?

Our ground beef is made from whole muscle meats, chuck round and shoulder clods, etc. We do not use any finely ground trim meat or fillers of any kind.

Is the ground beef created in your store or from somewhere else? Can you state it is 100% (local) meat not containing additives or fillers?

Our ground beef is ground fresh, on site, every day. YES, we can state that our meat is 100% local (from within a 100 miles). We use whole muscle meat that we have ground on-site. Our doors are always open to view our processes.

Where would I most likely find “pink slime”?

Stay away from large processed “rolls” of ground beef. Also, many fast food restaurants purchase burgers made using the bulk ground beef that is more likely to carry LFTB. We have several local restaurants that now carry our meat to ensure quality. Ask them when you order if they use Holmen Locker & Meat Market beef products.

How is your meat inspected?

We are a State Inspected facility where a FSIS inspector visits every day to check our processes for quality, consistency and bacterial content. In La Crosse County, there are only 2 state inspected meat retail plants and we are one of them.

Have a wonderful Spring! Please continue to send me your questions and comments.

Lauri & Scott


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